Mastering the Art of Motorcycle Cornering: Tips and Techniques

Why Mastering Motorcycle Cornering is Important - Riding a motorcycle can be a thrilling experience, especially when you're cruising down a winding road. However, without proper cornering techniques, it can also be dangerous. Mastering motorcycle cornering is crucial to your safety and enjoyment of riding.

Understanding the Physics of Motorcycle Cornering

Before you can master motorcycle cornering, you need to understand the physics behind it. When a motorcycle turns, its center of gravity shifts to the side, which can cause it to lose traction and tip over. To prevent this, you need to lean into the turn and counterbalance the weight of the motorcycle.

Proper Body Positioning

To lean into a turn and maintain balance, your body positioning is essential. The correct technique involves shifting your body weight towards the inside of the turn while keeping your head and eyes level with the horizon. Your outside foot should be pressing down on the footpeg, while your inside knee should be gripping the tank.

Braking and Throttle Control

Braking and throttle control play a vital role in cornering. You should enter a turn at a speed you can handle and apply the brakes before the turn to slow down. Once you're in the turn, you should release the brakes and smoothly apply throttle to maintain your speed and control.

Looking Through the Turn

Looking through the turn is a crucial technique for mastering motorcycle cornering. As you enter a turn, you should look where you want to go, not at the road in front of you. Your eyes should be focused on the apex of the turn and the exit point, allowing you to anticipate any potential hazards.

Practicing Motorcycle Cornering

The best way to master motorcycle cornering is through practice. Start by finding a quiet road with gentle curves and gradually increase your speed as you gain confidence. Practice proper body positioning, braking and throttle control, and looking through the turn until they become second nature.


Mastering motorcycle cornering is essential for your safety and enjoyment of riding. By understanding the physics behind it, practicing proper body positioning, and mastering braking and throttle control, you can become a skilled and confident rider. Remember to always wear proper safety gear and never ride beyond your skill level.

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