Cultural Carnival

There are many interesting facts about the annual Semarang Night Carnival event which is being held again openly this year after the pandemic

There are many interesting facts about the annual Semarang Night Carnival event which is being held again openly this year after the pandemic. This is also one of the interesting cultural tours in the city of Semarang because it holds local cultural demonstrations.

For the people of Semarang, of course, this is also an attraction because it provides a variety of artistic entertainment. For those who don't know about this event, let's take a look at various interesting activities that can increase knowledge, especially about culture in Semarang.

Interesting Facts about the Annual Semarang Night Carnival Event

Semarang Night Carnival is a big event in the city of Semarang to celebrate the birthday of the city of Semarang or to commemorate other big days. This activity is not just a mere celebration, but also thick with cultural values, as follows.

1. Cultural Carnival

The cultural carnival is a parade attended by the people of Semarang wearing attractive costumes and creative decorations. Participants can come from schools or communities. The cultural carnival is the most anticipated main activity at the Semarang Night Carnival.

Carnival activities are the highlight of the event which takes place on the first day. In this activity, all participants will walk like a parade along the streets of Semarang City. That is why the carnival is the most awaited event at the Semarang Night Carnival.

2. Appearance of Creativity and Art

The government also provides a stage for artists to display their creativity. In this activity, people can find out the diversity and cultural elements that exist in the city of Semarang.

Not infrequently there are also special competitions to increase the enthusiasm of the participants, especially young people. Moreover, in this activity the local government will facilitate the contributors with an entertainment stage.

3. Tourist Attraction

Interesting facts about the annual Semarang Night Carnival event can also be seen from its tourist attractions. Here, many tourists from various regions and even abroad will witness this activity. The local government has also become this event as one of the local regional tourism products.

Not just seeing the appearance of the participants in unique costumes. However, tourists who come can also easily find local specialties because there is a night market available during the event.

4. A place for MSMEs and the Community

Semarang Night Carnival is also a forum for MSME players and the community. The reason is that throughout the event there is always a night market that enlivens. This is certainly a profitable opportunity for MSMEs or the community to be known by many people.

The local government also provides access for MSMEs if they want to enliven activities by selling at the night market. So, there will be lots of local specialties and products that can be added entertainment.

So, those are interesting facts about the annual Semarang Night Carnival event that you shouldn't miss. The local community always looks forward to this event. Moreover, the activities at this event lasted until the night so the excitement was felt.

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